Melatonin Foot Detox foot pads. Set includes 2 patches, one for each foot.

Aides in healthy sleep habits, helps eliminate dampness and toxins while promoting sleep. Helps relieve fatigue, negative energy, boosts energy,  renews your  body while you sleep.  Safe for all skin types,  never tested on animals, helps flush heavy metal and other toxins from your body.

Instructions: Clean your feet, prepare to wear patch for 8 hours while you sleep, peel pad away from adhesive, apply pad to the center of your foot, sticky side towards your skin, press firmly, put on socks,  and prepare for an amazing rest. Wear while sleeping or resting, at least 8 hours, in the morning, take pad off, it will be full of stinky sticky smelly toxins, discard used pads in trash and immediately wash and dry your feet. Lotion your feet with Black Jezuz healing lotion, or healing salve.

Melatonin Foot Detox Set